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We use the FUNDAMENTALS TRIPODô of Integrity, Communication and Completion as our launching pad for creating a life that works. We have to have workability before we can flourish.

These three attributes form the basis of a workable life. They are like the minimum number of legs which will keep a stool upright. In the same way, we can keep ourselves upright by developing our ability to live with integrity, to be in communication and to be complete. What are these three tools?


wholeness, - no parts and nothing left out, functional. In the interim, this means keeping your word and walking your talk. It also means cleaning up when you have broken your word or communicating if you know in advance that you cannot fulfill a commitment. Ultimately, integrity is living true to yourself.


open, honest, real, authentic, responsible, appropriate, coming from respect for oneself and the other even when disagreeing. You are able to be strong and direct without being aggressive.


being 100% in your life and work, dotting the I's and crossing the T's; going the distance. We always have things that are incomplete in life and that is not bad. Whatever we do complete opens the door to more energy and new action. Whatever we keep unfinished or disorganized keeps us glued to the past. The velocity with which we can keep completing things in our life will influence our experience of aliveness and joy, not to mention creative energy!


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