How Does It Work?

Releasing Past Upsets is the Key

THE FOUR-PART FORGIVENESS PROCESS: Redefining Forgiveness, Telling the Truth, Declaring a new Future and Sealing the Value.

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What are These Four Parts?

1. Redefining Forgiveness:

Redefining forgiveness frees you up. It does not condone, excuse or relieve anyone of accountability.
“To cease harboring resentment against...." is the definition.
Getting unstuck, being self-expressed in the present. That is possible. Contact me now.

3. Declaring A New Future:

Declare a new future from giving your word, a stand you take without evidence. You create a new context in which evidence will
BEGIN to show up.

2. Telling The Truth:

Going through each resentment or regret one by one until there is nothing left.

4. Sealing the Value:

You receive key practices that continue to keep your new freedom and aliveness growing and expanding.

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