Forgiving Resentments and
Releasing Guilt
Opens the Door to Your Freedom

Stuck in Resentment? Feeling Remorse? Relationships Broken or Disconnected?
You can repair them ~

You have given up trying to reach out
You feel unforgiven
You're angry and have real grievances
Good News: You CAN release a stuck past in a short time

"This has redirected my thought process and helped bring me out of a depression. Learning how to forgive and my willingness to forgive has created a wonderful outlook in my life. The Process has allowed me to make a giant leap in understanding my thoughts and how they impact my life.           Thank you, Eileen"          Glenda P.

Discover the Transforming Benefits of Forgiveness Coaching

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Spiritual Life-Coach

Getting Unstuck Begins with Releasing the Past

Forgiveness Coaching has FOUR parts:
1. Name all the moments of hurt
2. Create a future free of those memories
3. Practice steps that build a muscle for living in the present
Communication Coaching your new adventure
as you create
Your Voice


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How Does It Work?

Forgiveness Coaching is offered for individuals, FAMILIES and work teams. For-profit and non-profit teams can learn easily to address annoyances that inevitably arise when people work together

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