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Freedom From The Past ~
Power in the Present

Getting Unstuck and Creating Your Voice

You must identify where you are rehashing past upsets
(and not noticing)
You avoid certain people
You choke when you want to make an important request or say NO
Your heart hurts because of your estranged loved one
You give away your power constantly 

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Getting Unstuck Begins with Releasing the Past

Forgiveness Coaching has FOUR parts:
1. Name all the moments of hurt
2. Create a future free of those memories
3. Practice steps that build a muscle for living in the present
Communication Coaching 
...is your new adventure
as you create
Your Voice


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How Does It Work?

Forgiveness Coaching is offered for individuals, FAMILIES and work teams. For-profit and non-profit teams can learn easily to address annoyances that inevitably arise when people work together

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